What are People Saying about Dear Mishu?

Here’s a selection of the great response Mishu’s advice column has received from the Instagram community:

@whatsupppeanut commented: I love this idea! What fun and quite clever. Ur the dear Abby of the dog world!!!

@queen_beegle commented: I totally agree and tell all my friends that, Mishu, you are very wise!

@official.bella.boo commented: wonderful profile

@princess.lexisd commented: I love your answers mishu!

@sweet_kassidy commented: Good Advice

@eclipse_renato commented: I am becoming a huge fan of your precious and smart advices!!

@cooper_dice_shichi_brothers commented: Great advice!

@thorduhond commented: That’s a brilliant answer! I looooove your account! You are so wise.

@sioux.san commented: I love love love that you’re a rescue!

@luiginyc commented: It’s da best post I loved it so so much and so did Hurrrold n’ Mommy!

@luv_my_two_pugs commented: Great advice




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